Advice And Information About Birth Injuries

The key thing with any suspected birth injury is to seek medical advice as soon as possible, many injuries sustained by children are treatable and in some cases long term damage can be prevented by spotting the symptoms early.

Signs of a birth injury to a child

  • Unusual levels of crying
  • Problems with movement
  • Bruising
  • Skin discolouration
  • Muscle spasms
  • Seizures

Signs of a birth injury to the mother

  • Difficulty going to the toilet
  • Painful sensations
  • High blood pressure
  • Bleeding
  • Pain during sexual intercourse

In the event of any of these symptoms seek medical attention immediately.

If You Need To Make A Claim

This information is useful when processing your birth injury claim so we can deal with it as quickly as possible on your behalf.

  • Note down the facts of the event that caused your birth injury – was it negligence? Who was to blame?
  • Keep medical bills, travel receipts and any other cost receipts to show expenses.
  • Did the birth injury take place in the last three years? Note that personal injury claims can usually only be made for up to three years after the event; however in the case of birth injuries, where infant diagnosis can take time, this period can be extended. As us for more information.
  • Contact us – call or fill in the simple online form and we can give you a call back to discuss your claim in more detail.
  • We can help to arrange interim payments for you while your case is processed.

If you believe that the injuries sustained by yourself, your child or a loved one may have been preventable or a result of medical negligence you may be able to claim compensation. Contact Claim 500 to discuss your options with one of our personal injury specialists.

Other support

Coming to terms with and dealing with the long term effects of a birth injury to either yourself or your child can require additional assistance and adjustment to your way of life.

There are several charities in Britain that can provide advice and support.

Further Information On Birth Injuries

Types of Birth Injury

Symptoms, Treatment and Rehabilitation of Birth Injuries

Advice and Information on Birth Injuries

Interim Payments for Birth Injury Claims 


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