Accident Compensation Claim

Accident compensation claims made via Claim 500 are important to people whose health, career and family life have been affected by accident or medical negligence, either temporarily or in the long term.

Claim 500 are an experienced no win, no fee compensation claims company specialising in different types of accident and injury cases. In addition, successful Claim 500 claimants keep 100% of their accident compensation claim money - we make no deductions whatsoever.

Lesser injuries can mean loss of earnings while major injuries could mean lengthy rehabilitation, substantial loss of earnings and even a lifelong disability or scarring.

Accident compensation claims can be made for injuries and fatal accidents including:

  • Road traffic accidents
  • In the workplace
  • Public liability 
  • Medical negligence

If you need to know more about making a 100% accident compensation claim before you decide, please contact us. Our advice and our services are free and can give you a more detailed picture of the compensation claims process as well an insight into how your own situation might fit in.

Claim 100% Car Accident Compensation Now!

Contact Claim 500 if you want to receive 100% car accident compensation now, on a no win, no fee basis.

Unlike some unscrupulous claims companies Claim 500 will never ask for a percentage of your compensation. We believe 100% of your accident compensation claim belongs to you. After all, we get paid by the other party.

This is the purpose and design of no win, no fee. It enables you to make a claim, including for 100% car accident compensation. If your claim is not successful you don’t have to pay anything while if you win your claim the other party will foot the bill by order of the court.

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